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Trainings, workshops, program design and online courses to help you learn about the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals and become Partnership Ready

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Sustainability by design

The SDGs as a starting point for a new product, service or a new venture

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be a great inspiration and starting point for creating new, sustainable, products and services.

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Special Workshops

Workshop in partnership with the Green Tech Alliance

You have to be a GTA member to join!

The Wall of Ideas

SDG Integration

Integrating the SDGs into your strategy to stat measuring and communicating change

Which SDGs do you contribute to? How do you / can you improve that contribution? How do you measure and communicate that?

Image by Austin Distel

SDG program design

Custom programs taking your organisation from awareness to action on the 2030 Agenda

Capacity building for your workforce, corporate innovation programs and intrapreneurial programs, open innovation approaches. 

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